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We are passionate about ART- in all it's forms!

Artful thinking, Artful design, Artful play.

We believe that when kids have the chance to explore art, it translates into everything else they enjoy! Concepts of design, color, branding, messaging, learning to use the right tool for the job, and mastering a technique are essential components in any field.

Art is life. Art is observation. Art is _____________________. 

(you fill in the blank!)


Michael Lemen

Michael Lemen earned his BFA in Drawing and Painting from Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD), where he developed the skills to confidently edit visual information to the most essential elements of art and principles of design. He has a profound respect for the power art has to carry stories and ideas forward, and sees the art making process as an excellent landscape for building valuable and transferable skills such as confidence, resilience, and authenticity.


As a teacher, Michael enjoys seeing the lively action of kids' imaginations and their playful approach to artmaking when they experiment, collaborate, and create with line, shape, and color. Creative engagement was a powerful component in his most memorable learning experiences as a child and he hopes to provide those same types of experiences for the next generation. 

Michael's work has been displayed in numerous private collections, as well as exhibited in several galleries and public spaces, including Cove Gallery, LCAD Gallery in Laguna Beach, Mad St. Gallery, and the Casa Blanca Public Library in Riverside.


Lemen Kids

With their enthusiasm, excitement for life, constant drive create and make things, the Lemen kids are an instrumental part of Modern Folk Art Studios. Each MFAS project is kid approved!

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Kathrine Lemen


Kathrine graduated with her degree in Art and Sociology from UC Riverside. Her passions include traveling, being outdoors, reading, eco living & sustainability, photography, criminal justice reform, homeschooling and healthy cooking! 

These days she fills many roles as a mom, teacher, family documentarian, chef, travel planner, uncover website designer and friend. 

Kathrine's love of art is finding an outlet through the growth of Modern Folk Art Studios, where she often dreams of the amazing art we will all create together. 

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